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Point of Sale systems are no longer only for restaurants and big business. In today’s credit card processing world, Point of Sale systems are becoming a common merchant services solution to businesses of all sizes and there are many reasons why:

1. Point of Sale (POS) systems have become very affordable over the past 12+ months. While legacy POS systems can still carry a huge price tag with many costly “gotchas” when system updates are needed, there are many quality POS systems that won’t break the bank. As always, though, you should always confer with a trusted adviser before making a decision.

2. Point of Sale systems can add a huge amount of functionality, such as inventory control, time and attendance, sales tax reporting, credit card processing, gift & loyalty programs and many other features.

3. A sleek looking POS system can also send a message of success, professionalism, and confidence to your customers. Customers will subconsciously feel more relaxed and engaged when they sense they are dealing with a successfully managed company that is efficiently run.

unnamed (1)New “Location Fee” Is Implemented By MasterCard!

With the monthly merchant’s processing statement for December being received over the past few days, most merchants have uncovered that there is a miscellaneous $15 annual fee called a “Location Fee”. In layman’s terms, this is a fee that MasterCard has decided to charge all merchants who accepted a MasterCard payment anytime during the year 2016. Regardless of the number of locations, each location has been accessed this fee.

Though the fee for 2016 was an annual fee, MasterCard has decided to break up 2017’s fee into 12 equal payments of $1.25 starting with the statement you receive in February.

Please monitor your statement and remember to call me with any questions.


unnamed (1)This is the time of year that credit card processing companies start their deceptive telephone campaigns and they are ruthless with what they say.

Most often the conversation will begin with, “Hello, my name is John (or Betty, or Sue…..) with ‘MERCHANT SERVICES’. The reason for my call is to:
1. Notify you that your rates have gone up,
2. Notify you that your account has been flagged…..,
3. Let you know that your terminal is out of compliance and you
will soon be fined,
The list of reasons used are numerous; however, don’t be taken in by these tactics. If the caller doesn’t say that they are either with Electronic Payments or MeritCard, then know you are trying to be victimized.

No matter who calls you, don’t ever sign anything without calling Zeeke & Associates first.

Remember this thought: “I’ve never met a thief who cared about my family, business or me!”



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